Our College

㽶Ƶapp˰ is more than just a great school – it is a great community. The teachers endorse this; the parents embrace this; the students thrive on this.

Founded in 1937, 㽶Ƶapp˰ is a Catholic school, conducted in the Edmund Rice tradition, for boys in Years 5 to 12, embracing a diversity of student abilities and talents.

The College is contemporary in its approach to teaching and learning, and has implemented a range of practices which are underpinned by research into boys’ education. The goal is to develop students into independent thinkers and collaborative workers; to be creative and curious; to have a balanced approach to life.

The College promotes the pursuit of knowledge, a love of learning and a commitment to personal excellence. The boys’ educational experience is both comprehensive and cohesive – every boy is valued and respected. With a proud history of providing a high-quality Catholic education, much is expected of the students, staff and parents.

The College is a community alive with learning and activity. Catholic values are at the very heart of 㽶Ƶapp˰ and Religious Education is at the core of everything that transpires at the College.

The core values and beliefs of Faith, Excellence, Opportunity and Respect, as embedded in the Edmund Rice Education Australia Touchstones, provide the foundation for the boys’ success today.

The College provides a caring and safe environment with clear expectations regarding behaviour, whilst maintaining a variety of activities to promote self-esteem and resilience through the and Pastoral Care programs. It ensures that academic achievement is clearly valued within the school community through a range of presentations and awards – doing well at studies and achieving personal best is encouraged and affirmed at 㽶Ƶapp˰.

Courtesy, cooperation, responsibility, respect, hard work, and a commitment to excellence result in positive consequences. Hence, the College has an extensive system of awards for outstanding performance and effort, in both academic and co-curricular life.

A non-selective school, the College is consistently ranked amongst the high-achieving schools in the HSC examinations. The focus is on assisting students to achieve their own personal goals and to rejoice in modest, personal-best achievements as much as outstanding academic, sporting and cultural successes.

The achievements are many at 㽶Ƶapp˰ – the personal rewards speak for themselves as boys excel in the classroom, on the sporting field and in life.

What do we stand for at 㽶Ƶapp˰?

The answer lies in part in our motto – Fide et Labore – through Faith and Hard Work.

We are also dedicated to our core values of respect, justice, opportunity and excellence. We demonstrate and foster respect for all, true acceptance of difference, social justice and an awareness of injustice. We speak up for indigenous reconciliation. We do not accept intolerance and pride but promote inclusion, acceptance, understanding and humility. We promote an acceptance of sexuality, strive for genuine gender equity, and we value learning.

We are no better than anyone else but we do strive to build a better world and make a positive difference. We pray that our actions exemplify our faith, values and beliefs. We ask that all our students go and serve others, make a positive difference in our world, work hard and keep the faith.

We aim for true respect and value for the dignity of all.

Our Prayer is to: Let all of us commit and refresh our determination to be the best we can. This means how we speak of, and to, each other, how we treat girls and women, how we respect and welcome all people including those with a disability and demonstrate our attitudes to all races, religions and beliefs.

We are an Inclusive Community that prioritises kindness, compassion and gratitude and promotes respect for each other’s uniqueness and celebrate their differences.




㽶Ƶapp˰ acknowledges the traditional inhabitants of the land on which the College stands, the Cammeraygal people, of the Eora nation.