House Competition

A House System existed before 1952 at St Pius X but prior to that year they were merely colours. In 1952 they were named after four famous Christian Brothers who did so much for Christian Education. In 2010 we added mottos and crests culminating with the House Cup as the annual overall trophy.

Rice House

Treacy House

Colour: BLUE Colour: GOLD
This House is named after Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice (1762-1844) the founder of the Christian Brothers. Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy (1834-1912) joined the Christian Brothers in 1852 in Ireland and was sent to Australia in 1868 to establish schools for the wild colonial boys.

War Cry

War Cry

Rice, Rice we’re the best
We’re the leaders of SPX
We’re here today to win
the cup
And not to be the runners-up
R-I-C-E Rice
Kirra-cumba, Kirra-cumba
Here we, here we,
here we are
Treacy, Treacy
dressed in gold
Give us a chance
and we’ll take a hold
T-R-E-A-C-Y Treacy

Barron House

Purton House

Colour: RED Colour: Green
Brother Patrick Jerome Barron (1858-1949) was born in Tipperary in Ireland. In 1903 he was elected Provincial or Brother-in-Charge of all Australian communities of Brothers. Brother David Gabriel Purton (1883-1948) was born in New Zealand but trained in Australia as a Christian Brother. He established a reputation as a brilliant teacher.

War Cry

War Cry

Barron, Barron, yes we are
The best, the best
The best by far
We beat ‘em here,
We beat ‘em there,
We beat them
simply every-where
B-A-R-R-O-N Barron
1,2,3,4. What do you think
we’re here for?
We’re here to win
the Shield & Cup
We’re here to show
the others up
2,4,6,8 Who do we appreciate?
Purton, Purton,
Purton, Purton,