Old Boys Association

Welcome to the St Pius X Old Boys Association, a community of 㽶Ƶapp˰ Old Boys with an emphasis on:

  • Providing opportunities for Old Boys to stay in touch with classmates and the College
  • Raising funds to assist current students pursue excellence, with the help of financial contributions from the OBA
  • Raising funds for projects at the College
  • Providing business and business networking opportunities amongst our association and the College

All Old Boys of 㽶Ƶapp˰ are invited to , as SPX actively encourages Old Boys to maintain contact with the College and their former schoolmates. These web pages will enable you to maintain close links with the College and the various activities at the College. The OBA also has a  group and a digital newsletter.

 of the Association is open to all Old Boys of the College and to such other persons as may, in the Executive Committee’s discretion, be admitted to honorary membership.